when You speak

‘Cause when You speak, when You move
When You do what only You can do
It changes us
It changes what we see and what we seek
When You come in the room
When You do what only You can do
It changes us
It changes what we see and what we seek
You’re changing everything
Spirit of the living God
Spirit of the living God
We only want to hear Your voice
We’re hanging on every word
Spirit of the Living God by Vertical Worship

When God speaks, it changes everything. When our ears are attentive to His voice, it changes everything. It changes us. It changes our moves, our wants, our desires, our hope, our joy, our despair…everything. I’ve noticed in these last few weeks that our hearts and minds are very subtle, tricky and convincing. Slowly but surely, our eyes turn away from God and look at our own situation. We forget His redemption, His character, His presence and start to craft creative solutions to our very big problems. And the solutions and arranging can get quite exhausting, especially as we do it with our eyes fixed on us.

But when we take our eyes off ourselves and look upward and say, “Father, help!”

That changes everything.

Like many, this season of COVID-19 has been nothing short of perplexing, tiring, challenging and ever-changing. I’ve had many things to figure out as a foreigner living in various countries, in such a time as this. I’ve had to spend hours on the phone with embassies, asking questions that I never would have thought I’d be asking 10 years ago. It’s quite an adventure as a single woman to have everything you own fit into just a few suitcases and boxes, be a foreigner in another country during a pandemic and navigate many hurdles all before turning 30.

I don’t want to highlight all of the hurdles life has thrown at me in these last few months, in the tidal wave of COVID, but instead highlight the faithfulness of God and just how much turning our eyes upward changes everything. In March, I found out the borders would be closing and most of Europe would be in a state of emergency, making it impossible for me to return to my apartment in Croatia. In that same week I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and two days later the city in which I live in Croatia experienced some of the biggest earthquakes in over 100 years.

Did any of this take my all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving God by surprise? Not at all.

In the highest and highs and lowest of lows of life, it’s very easy for us to ask why? But instead, I think we learn a lot more and get a bigger picture by asking what? What are you doing Lord? What do You want to show me? How can I cling to You?

I can assure you, He will answer.

So what has God been doing? What has He shown me? God has done some necessary, deep, and vital work in my heart in this season. I’ve learned to trust Him more deeply, depend on Him daily, take my eyes off of myself and ask Him to see my story through His eyes. He’s shown me that He is in control and that changes everything. He’s shown me that if I attempt to take this next step of faith with my eyes on myself, my ability, and my power, I won’t be able to do it. It will lead to further exhaustion, burn out, despair. But if I take my eyes off of myself, live in bold faith and ask Him for help, and walk in His strength, that changes everything.


I’d love to hear what God has been showing you in this season. How He’s deepened your dependence on Him, how you’ve heard His loving voice and felt His care.

by confident faith

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The Judean desert, March 2015.

“What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance. He went without knowing where he was going. And even when he reached the land God promised him, he lived there by faith—for he was like a foreigner, living in a tent. Abraham did this because he was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God.” Portions of Hebrews 11 NLT


We are living in the land of in between. We can all acknowledge that a shift has happened and our old normal has ended. We are now in the middle of the beginning of a new normal. This looks different for all of us and God is surely producing something in our in between, all in unique ways. I can’t begin to try to understand what “land in between” you’re walking through but I know that whether it’s a job transition, a new home, a new relationship, loss of a loved one…God is producing something in you. You’re being refined by the fire of this “land in between.”

This “land in between” has been a journey. As the water level of my life goes down, I start to hit some rocks that I couldn’t see below the surface before. I start asking a lot of “what if” questions and those questions send me into a panic. “What if I lose everything? What if I can’t renew a visa? What if I don’t see my family and friends for months, years, etc.?” I’m sure you’ve had a lot of “what if” questions too. I know for me, it can get exhausting! How can I live a life laid out for Christ saying I trust Him in everything AND continue to fall into immense fear at the “what if” questions? And the reality is… I can’t lean fully on Jesus while fully (or even partially!) trusting in myself. As @ruthchousimons stated the other day, “We cannot simultaneously lay it all down and hold it all together.”

This got me thinking… can you imagine if Abraham would have not followed God, left home, and instead chose to ask “what if”? By faith, Abraham obeyed God, trusted Him, all the while having no idea what the outcome would be. Of course, He knew what God had promised Him but there were a lot of unknowns on the journey. Where would he go? When would he get there? When would God fulfill His promise? He didn’t know! BUT Abraham did this because he was trusting, living, acting in faith confidently knowing that God was faithful to His promises and His character.

God is faithful. He is to be trusted. So whether you’ve got a million “what if” questions or you find it quite simple to be walking in confident faith in this “land between” season, know that God is who He says He is and we can go in faith trusting Him.

strangely dim & glory and grace

Today is Easter Monday–Czech traditionally celebrates Easter on Monday. But, we’ve been celebrating all week. This Monday begins the sixth week of me staying with Martina. Though neither of us anticipated my stay to be this long, God knew. And He’s provided every step of the way. On my first night staying at Martina’s place we both decided we’d end our days by praying together. God knew that this would be a significant time to commit to pray.

This Monday is full of sunshine and rain, some of my favorite weather. The team I’m serving with now gave us Thursday through Monday off so I’m thankful for all the time to rest and recharge. It’s been a significant time for me to surrender my plans and thoughts to the Lord. In this awkward, in-between, “life on hold” season for all of us, it’s been incredibly easy for me to start planning in my head, thinking through the hundreds of scenarios, worrying, dreaming, etc. I’ve been reminded time and time again that the Lord has good plans for me and I can trust Him in all of these unknowns. He knows what’s up ahead. He goes before me and for that I am grateful.

I loved listening to Annie F. Downs Holy Week read throughs this week. Her reading of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection yesterday brought tears to my eyes. How Mary Magdalene must have felt when Jesus said her name and she realized it was Him… the joy, relief, shock and hope that must have flooded her as she ran to tell the disciples that He’s alive.

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I’ve missed my walking route back in Zagreb but it’s been kind of fun to discover new paths here in Cesky Tesin and not know where I’m going. Most days I take a different route and see where I end up.

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Cooking is such a joy for me. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease last month, I’ve had to make quite a few changes to my diet. At first, it was overwhelming but I quickly realized I already follow most of these dietary restrictions. It’s been so fun to make food that will nourish and heal my body. I loved making these chickpea oat crackers. I’ve also been loving making chicken shawarma…a little taste of Israel. Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with b1 preset

FaceTime bed time stories with sweet Phoebe continue to be a highlight of my day. I’m so grateful for this sweet girl. I’m so thankful for my friend’s beautiful kiddos. Fills me with joyful anticipation to have kids some day. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I’m not quite sure what these are called but they are everywhere on my walks. I always think of the home I grew up in seeing these. These lined our house and were always such a happy sign of spring coming. Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I’ve been diligently taking all of the medicine my doctor prescribed for the last month. Truthfully, I don’t notice a huge change yet but I’m expecting it to take some time. One of the things she’s having me take is iodine…apparently it’s extremely good for the thyroid. So I look a bit like a crazy person with yellow arms. I’ve recently started taking it orally which has been nice to not have crazy yellow arms all the time.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The day before all of the malls closed in Czech I managed to buy a french press…praise God because otherwise we’d be without coffee!! I’m thankful for my cozy mornings.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Is it strange that it feels a bit like Christmas when I get a new face mask? Martina’s friend made these homemade masks for us and they’re the best ones we’ve gotten.

Jesus is enthroned

It’s been three weeks since I last wrote on here–though I haven’t stopped keeping track of God’s goodness in my life. It’s actually been quite the opposite. When all of this started (meaning COVID-19 sweeping the world) I started “joy reports” on Instagram. I challenged people to share the things that brought them joy everyday; whether it be corn bread or sunshine. Whatever brought them joy, I wanted the world to know.

These last three weeks I’ve in Czech; well actually for over a month now! Two weeks ago the Czech borders closed, making it impossible for me to return to Croatia. A week ago Zagreb experienced a 5.4 earthquake (the biggest in over 140 years) and tremors still continue. So Zagreb’s airport has no closed and travel is banned. Needless to say, I am currently living in Czech until further notice! The older I get, the more I’m realizing my life is never boring. Whether stuck in a country, earthquakes or something else, it’s always an adventure. And through it all, I’m seeing God’s intricate details and loving care. He is taking care of me.

The last three weeks Martina and I have been quarantined and making the most of it. In this season I’ve really sensed the Lord inviting me to slow down and wait. Be patient, know that He is God & that I don’t have to “figure it out” but allow Him to lead. During the last three weeks I’ve also gotten some diagnosis from my doctor; at first hard to hear but now I’m thankful to know and have some answers. Let’s get on to the thankfulness and God’s goodness…

  • face masks (these are mandatory here in CZ but I know there is a major shortage worldwide)
  • the ability to quarantine/stay home (I’ve been incredibly grateful for the health care professionals, grocery store workers, pharmacists, etc.)
  • Martina (it’s been a true gift for both of us to have this community in this uncertain time)
  • God’s Word
  • peace that surpasses my understanding
  • God sits enthroned
  • the amazing team of people God has provided to do this life with…so grateful
  • all the amazing worship albums that have come out this year
  • God’s sovereign hand and control…just reflecting on how He’s orchestrated this season of my life so specifically
  • sunshine almost everyday
  • almost daily FaceTimes with Phoebe Grace
  • all the FaceTimes with all the babies
  • praying friends who weep with me
  • God is a safe refuge and provides
  • a comfy mattress to sleep on
  • flowers on sale at Lidl every Sunday (truly a sweet gift from the Lord)
  • medicine and insurance!
  • FaceTime & Zoom (even though I’m honestly missing seeing people face to face! and 7 hours of Zoom calls is exhausting!!)

I’m certain I’ve forgotten and missed some gifts over the last three weeks. They’ve been rich, hard, sweet, and foundational. Jesus is enthroned.

two for one

Yes, I did in fact miss one week but that just means we get a two for one this week! Reflecting on God’s goodness from March 8 back to February 23, there is quite a bit to say. I’m currently in Český Těšín, a city in the Czech Republic. I’m staying with a few other JV missionaries during my time here and it’s been sweet to be a part of their community. I’ll be here for the next couple of weeks for a trial period in a new role with an international focus. I’m so excited about this door God is opening and it’s been a journey trusting Him in the process. It’s amazing looking back at the way He’s weaved my story even over the last few years and how this is now His perfect timing that He’s inviting me into something to use me and glorify Himself.

Two weeks ago I spent the week watching Phoebe and Jadon while Ben and Sarah were at JV Marriage Retreat. I love their kids more than I could say so it was honestly a joy watching them while Ben and Sarah got to invest in their marriage and rest. Spending the week with their kiddos gave me a whole new level of respect for parents…now I understand why they never sleep! Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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On Sunday, I took three trains (one from Usti to Prague, one from Prague to Ostrava, one from Ostrava to Cesky Tesin) and made it here! I arrived, Kata and I talked for quite awhile, and then we made ramen with Fanny, Jenny and Landon. So fun. Cesky Tesin actually borders Poland so you can walk right into Poland within 10 minutes. I was in the office Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and it was so fun to be a part of the team. Friday I went to Vitkovice and took some time to be creative, take photos and reflect. This morning we rested and Fanny made koren pancakes…so fun!

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flower markets & blood tests

Following Jesus is always an adventure; full of His presence, kindness, and comfort. This week was full of lots of travel & medical tests. I’ve been having digestive health issues for the last 8 months and I’ve been completing round of tests to determine what’s happening in my body. For the sake of time, I’m keeping this week of God’s goodness to list form. I’m currently spending this week with two of the sweetest kiddos I love so dearly; Ben & Sarah’s kids, Phoebe and Jadon. JV puts on a marriage conference for all married couples every 3 years so I came to watch the kids. Somehow, I got both of the kids to go down for a nap at the same time!

Thankful this week for…
-cuddly kiddos and teaching them about Jesus
-God’s strength when I am weak
-God’s friendship and comfort when I’m afraid or in the unknown
-planes, trains, cars, and buses…so many modes of transportation this week!
-flower markets on a rainy wednesday night
-jesus story book bible
-good mexican food in europe (!!!)
-sunshine…ooo sometimes it is rare in europe
-outdoor naps for babies
-bright pink scrunchies for 4 year old girls
-coffee, on 5am mornings…yes, thank you Lord
-God given friendships

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never too late

It may be Tuesday but I still have time to give thanks for last week! & another week in list form (and zero photos)

-dear friends, technology, and the ability to catch up
-(almost) one. year.
-my bed; maybe silly but when you spend a lot of days traveling or on the road a lot, home and a safe place is such a gift
-sunny days! i’m so thankful for all the sunshine we’ve gotten
-boldness and security in Christ; this season God has really brought me so much freedom as a result of being secure in Him. when we operate from approval and security as opposed to for in it, we have nothing to fear
-valentine’s day spent with junior high youth group, chocolate fountain & talking about God’s love…not your average valentine’s but wouldn’t have it any other way right now
-my parent’s neighbor (who i’ve known since probably age 8 or so; they knew my grandparents) was on a trip in croatia. i got to have dinner with her last week and it was such a treat. we both said who would have thought two midwesterners would be in zagreb, croatia. i kept thinking how proud and happy granny would have been; and of course, her iconic laugh.
-r e s t and prayer. there are many moments that can be full of anxiety or being overwhelmed but i’m thankful that i don’t walk alone, that God sees me and knows me and cares for me. God is good, He knows my needs and my thoughts, my fears, my joys, my sorrows.

joys and thanksgivings

Sometimes it’s more fun & spontaneous to make lists of the joys and thanksgivings from the week. So for this week…

-long walks in the mornings & evening, prayer time and silence, surrounded by beautiful scenery
-a competitive roommate who pushes me to get my steps in and win the workweek hustle 😉
-beautiful tulips from lidl for 20kn
-LOOK study in Croatian and long talks about Jesus being our “once and for all” sacrafice
-going through Leviticus this week and seeing the beautiful symbolism of it all
-a day with Jesus, painting and reading the psalms
-the butcher by my apartment that has the chicago bulls symbol in it’s logo
-friday night art competitions with molvar kids and their creativity
-honest but hard conversations
-the Lord’s guidance and clear provision
-laughing till we *almost* cry on monday nights w/ ema
-finding an affordable matcha at the mall, seeing if it’s easier on my stomach!
-amazing friends, supporters, and teammates who point me to jesus
-late night convos with em, aleana, & others

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for the simple things

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This week I’m thanking God for the little, simple things. Like mandarins in a cute little box from Lidl, fresh lemons, homemade almond milk, paleo baking, coffee in the mornings. Taking joy in creating beautiful things, whether it be food or websites or images. Seeing the young kids walking home from school and greeting the dogs who hang outside all day in their yards. All the sunshine we had this week. Late night conversations at Činkica with some yummy treats. Good books and slowly burning candles. Hanging out with Esther, talking about school (junior high is already tough enough but this girl is doing it in a foreign language!), walks to the mall. Thanking God that He is my refuge and strength in times of trouble, giving me delight in the simple joys of life.

Some joys and thanksgivings from this week… Monday night dinner with Molvars & Dutch blitz, bjela kava, the neighbor across the street who greets me on sunday mornings on my walk to church, Friday night girls night/movie night turned into a broken down car in a parking garage. A kind samaritan jumped the car and we got out, got ice cream and called it a night. More memorable this way 😉

Palm of Your Hand

What a whirlwind of a week…momentous, fragile, eyes opened…grateful this week for God’s presence and that when we seek Him, we shall find Him. He is near to the brokenhearted, binding up their wounds. He holds us in the palm of His hand and we can trust Him.

Another year & the beauty of being pruned…

This Monday I turned 27…reflecting on this last year and all that 26 brought is overwhelming, amazing, and downright humbling. I never expected all that this year brought. God stripped me, refined me, and showed me how deeply I really need Him. For my birthday, Ema, Debi and I went to Varaždin, a city about one hour away from Zagreb, shaped by destruction through the ages. It’s a beautiful city; of course with a castle because…Europe. We got coffee, explored, had ruby chocolate…it’s fun exploring with them. After having lunch together I went to get my nails done. I had some really interesting spiritual conversations with the girls there and am hoping to go back to hopefully have gospel conversations at some point. I’m asking God to keep my eyes open and be bold and faithful to walk through the doors He’s opening.

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Josiah Venture Prayer Room

Thankful for this gift, resource, and tool. Grateful to spend time with Jesus in this way and pray for His movement in this part of the world. What a good gift… If you’d like to pray in the prayer room, you can go here.

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Struja & Rising Leaders

Thankful for this new junior high group, the people He’s bringing and the people He’s raising up. If you’re wondering about the second photo…Ema had a genius idea for the game-“Grandma made alphabet soup and you have to write her a message using the letters.”

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Ćinkica, good conversations & open doors

Thankful to live right by this little spot, early mornings here & the sunshine coming in. You just can’t beat a croissant and bjela kava for only 11kn (about $1.50). This current season and the season up ahead seems to be one of refining in the fire, not knowing what the next day will bring and depending on Jesus for His leading. The realities of this past year have hit me more this week than expected but I’m grateful that I don’t walk alone, I’m not abandoned and He is with me through the wind and the waves.

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