aboutpageComing to know Jesus in her teenage years, Alison has a great passion for seeing lives changed by the power of the gospel and seeing young people find salvation in Jesus Christ. Alison first came to Croatia in the summer of 2016 as a JV summer intern and was immediately captured by the ministry of Josiah Venture, the youth of Croatia, and the way God was moving. As she continued to seek God’s heart, He gave her a desire to serve Him full-time in Croatia.

Throughout her walk with Jesus, Alison has grown in her love for the world and is eager to see disciples made in Croatia. After meeting Croatian students, serving in the local church, and becoming family with Josiah Venture staff, Alison knew that God had commissioned her to be a part of this movement. Alison is eager to serve in Croatia and invest in the local youth ministry, and hopes to move to Split, Croatia in the late fall of 2018. She will be focusing on discipling young women, serving in the local church, and using her background in communications to share stories of what God is doing in her new homeland.

If you’re interested in learning more about Josiah Venture and our ministry in Central and Eastern Europe or would consider partnering with me fulfilling Christ’s commission, click here





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