Coming to know Jesus in her teenage years, Alison has a great passion for seeing lives changed by the power of the gospel and seeing young people find salvation in Jesus Christ. Alison first came to Croatia in the summer of 2016 as a Josiah Venture summer intern and was immediately captured by the ministry of JV and the way God was moving. As she continued to seek God’s heart, He gave her a desire to serve Him full-time with JV.

Throughout her walk with Jesus, Alison has grown in her love for the world and is eager to see disciples throughout Central and Eastern Europe. In her early 20s, Alison had the opportunity to live and work in Israel, build meaningful relationships with people all over the world, and get a global perspective on God’s Kingdom work. With a passion to see the Kingdom advance in Europe, Alison knew that God had commissioned her to be a part of this movement with Josiah Venture.

Alison currently serves in the Czech Republic with the International Communication Team of JV, using her background in photography to directly impact the 18 countries in which Josiah Venture is present. Her photos help share the story of how God is at work here in the lives of young people, help bring support to our brand identity as we seek out more interns and short-term teams to serve at camps, and be used all across our different mediums of print, design, and digital marketing. She also is involved in her local church, discipling young people.

If you’re interested in learning more about Josiah Venture and our ministry in Central and Eastern Europe or would consider partnering with me fulfilling Christ’s commission, click here