twenty something

As I look to the year ahead, I feel myself holding my breath and ready for a big exhale. While I know a new year is not an automatic reset or magic switch, I do anticipate God will do great things in this depth of joy. I have a lot of hopes for 2021. I’m moving to a new city, putting down roots and pursuing a long time dream of becoming a counselor. I hope to read at least one book a month (maybe even two!). I hope to continue working toward my health holistically and healing my body from all the autoimmune diseases. Let’s be honest… I hope to fall in love! I hope to start the process of putting down roots & having a place to call home. I hope to continue to pursue emotional and spiritual health, healing and in turn, walk with others in seeking redemption.

A Reflection from NYE 2020

With a blizzard sweeping through the west side of Chicago, January 1 has come. 2022 entered last night…whether banging pots and pans, fireworks or gunshots. As I look back on my hopes and expectations for 2021, I’m grateful. I was longing for a season where I could finally breathe again. As I was closing out this last year, I kept telling others how I finally felt like a weight had been lifted off and I was able to breathe, thrive, living well. Being in grad school full-time and working full-time has been challenging. My life is full but it’s all so good. I love what I’m learning and feel so much purpose and fulfillment in my day-to-day life. Did all of my hopes and dreams come to fruition this year? No, not exactly. I didn’t fall in love, but I learned more about myself and grew in that area of my life. My health didn’t necessarily get better. I read more books than I set out to.

2021 brought a new and unexpected diagnosis, continual grief, and greater depth of awareness. But the richness and nearness I felt with the Lord in all of it was a saving grace. I walked through some beautiful things this year and some difficult things. As I look ahead to the year ahead, I echo my hopes for this past year. I’m entering into my last year in my 20s in just under three weeks, continuing meaningful work in my job, and chipping away at more classes in grad school. I’ll continue making Denver home. Continue pursuing meaningful relationships and community. All in all, trusting the Lord and abiding with Him, one day at a time.

I got to go home for Christmas this year, spend it with my parents and brother in WI. We laughed a lot, played hours of Scattergories and just enjoyed each other. Now, I’m in Chicago seeing friends. Monday, Gracie & I will travel to Phoenix for a week to visit Sam, Kevin, baby Noah.

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