rebuild and restore

You rebuild, You restore
All that’s broken From the ruins
You redeem, You return
All that’s stolen From your children
That’s what You do

God’s heart is always set on redemption. His plan is centered on Eden. He won’t stop until we return. Since the day He’s grafted me in, my heart has been attuned to the truth that He is after redemption. He faithfully sits with the troubled, the broken, those in the ruins. As I stand in between, in this season, I’m standing on holy ground, entering into the preparation of giving my life to redemption.

Almost fifteen years ago my life was dark and broken. In the ruins. I was hopeless, in despair, and seemingly far out of reach of redemption. But the Lord called me His and redeemed me as far as the east is from the west.

Today I was officially accepted into the Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA program. The last few years (and truly my life’s story) feels as if it’s been leading up to this point, this precipice. On this Friday evening, preparing for Sabbath, I give Him honor and glory. Because He brings beauty for ashes. He turns sorrow to gladness.

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