safe and secure

Hide me deep inside Your heart, Lord
Cover me with Your wings
Bring me into safety
Bring me into fellowship with who you are, Lord
Father, Son, and Spirit
This is what I long for

This morning I woke up at 5:30 to the news that there’d been rioting and looting downtown. There’s been unrest in the world this year…but there’s been a lot of unrest in Chicago for a long time. The sirens are drowned out by all the overwhelm of what they signify and chase after. Early this evening tornado sirens echoed, the tornado alert went off on my phone and I watched the sky turn black around 5PM. I debated if I should go into the basement of my building or if I’d be okay in my studio. The skies are now blue and the sun is shining but I’m watching helicopters fly by.

We’re all holding a lot of grief, pain, trauma, confusion, anger, sadness, and restlessness. It’s a lot to carry. It’s incredibly heavy. At the same time we all probably have thoughts of, “If I only had this…then I’d be okay, safe, secure.” What’s your “this”?

I’ll go first… if I knew what my future held, where I’d live, what the rest of this year will hold then I would be secure and wouldn’t have so many questions. But really… my “this” is if I had a house, roots, home, a husband and kids then I’d be secure.

As I shared my “this” with a friend this evening, as we both lamented what this season has brought, she reminded me ever so boldly, “Your desire for that security, that covering, that safety is good. You’re created to want and crave that covering, security, leadership…it’s God’s design! The contrary of having it all together, independence and not needing anyone is the false sense of security.”

There will always be your “this” and when that “this” becomes tangible and comes to fruition, there will be another “this”. Don’t miss it… the Lord is the giver and He’s faithful to provide but our ultimate security lies in Him.

No plan of His can be thwarted. You can rest freely in the authority that He has already written the story. He will provide. You don’t have to be self reliant.

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