Jesus is enthroned

It’s been three weeks since I last wrote on here–though I haven’t stopped keeping track of God’s goodness in my life. It’s actually been quite the opposite. When all of this started (meaning COVID-19 sweeping the world) I started “joy reports” on Instagram. I challenged people to share the things that brought them joy everyday; whether it be corn bread or sunshine. Whatever brought them joy, I wanted the world to know.

These last three weeks I’ve in Czech; well actually for over a month now! Two weeks ago the Czech borders closed, making it impossible for me to return to Croatia. A week ago Zagreb experienced a 5.4 earthquake (the biggest in over 140 years) and tremors still continue. So Zagreb’s airport has no closed and travel is banned. Needless to say, I am currently living in Czech until further notice! The older I get, the more I’m realizing my life is never boring. Whether stuck in a country, earthquakes or something else, it’s always an adventure. And through it all, I’m seeing God’s intricate details and loving care. He is taking care of me.

The last three weeks Martina and I have been quarantined and making the most of it. In this season I’ve really sensed the Lord inviting me to slow down and wait. Be patient, know that He is God & that I don’t have to “figure it out” but allow Him to lead. During the last three weeks I’ve also gotten some diagnosis from my doctor; at first hard to hear but now I’m thankful to know and have some answers. Let’s get on to the thankfulness and God’s goodness…

  • face masks (these are mandatory here in CZ but I know there is a major shortage worldwide)
  • the ability to quarantine/stay home (I’ve been incredibly grateful for the health care professionals, grocery store workers, pharmacists, etc.)
  • Martina (it’s been a true gift for both of us to have this community in this uncertain time)
  • God’s Word
  • peace that surpasses my understanding
  • God sits enthroned
  • the amazing team of people God has provided to do this life with…so grateful
  • all the amazing worship albums that have come out this year
  • God’s sovereign hand and control…just reflecting on how He’s orchestrated this season of my life so specifically
  • sunshine almost everyday
  • almost daily FaceTimes with Phoebe Grace
  • all the FaceTimes with all the babies
  • praying friends who weep with me
  • God is a safe refuge and provides
  • a comfy mattress to sleep on
  • flowers on sale at Lidl every Sunday (truly a sweet gift from the Lord)
  • medicine and insurance!
  • FaceTime & Zoom (even though I’m honestly missing seeing people face to face! and 7 hours of Zoom calls is exhausting!!)

I’m certain I’ve forgotten and missed some gifts over the last three weeks. They’ve been rich, hard, sweet, and foundational. Jesus is enthroned.

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