never too late

It may be Tuesday but I still have time to give thanks for last week! & another week in list form (and zero photos)

-dear friends, technology, and the ability to catch up
-(almost) one. year.
-my bed; maybe silly but when you spend a lot of days traveling or on the road a lot, home and a safe place is such a gift
-sunny days! i’m so thankful for all the sunshine we’ve gotten
-boldness and security in Christ; this season God has really brought me so much freedom as a result of being secure in Him. when we operate from approval and security as opposed to for in it, we have nothing to fear
-valentine’s day spent with junior high youth group, chocolate fountain & talking about God’s love…not your average valentine’s but wouldn’t have it any other way right now
-my parent’s neighbor (who i’ve known since probably age 8 or so; they knew my grandparents) was on a trip in croatia. i got to have dinner with her last week and it was such a treat. we both said who would have thought two midwesterners would be in zagreb, croatia. i kept thinking how proud and happy granny would have been; and of course, her iconic laugh.
-r e s t and prayer. there are many moments that can be full of anxiety or being overwhelmed but i’m thankful that i don’t walk alone, that God sees me and knows me and cares for me. God is good, He knows my needs and my thoughts, my fears, my joys, my sorrows.

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