Searching for God’s Goodness

I think we can all agree life can be a bit daunting at times. Negativity and darkness can be our first inclination as opposed to positivity and light. This past week I found out that positivity is one of my top strengths (seriously, it’s my number 8 in Strength Finders). I’ve always known this about myself-I tend to see the light and goodness in most situations and seasons. But, like most people, I tend to forget. So in an effort to remember, raise an ebenezer, and be able to “look back” I decided I’d make a ritual out of searching for God’s goodness…I want to become a detective of sorts; always looking for His goodness. Whether it be big things like unsolicited provision or small things like sunshine in the morning, I want to be a person who gives thanks in all things.

So, at least for this year, I hope to take some time every Sunday to share with you the goodness of God that I experienced in the previous week. I hope to share photos, stories, etc. Some weeks may be long, others short. But, my hope is to be more aware, more expectant, and more eager to share God’s goodness.


1. Reminders to breathe, rest, enjoy.

I’ve been experiencing a fair amount of ongoing stress that’s unfortunately taken a toll on my health. I changed my phone lock screen to this piece of art this week. In an effort to remember to literally breathe. I love this artist Morgan Harper Nichols who makes beautiful water colors and illustrations.
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2. Intentional friends, new seasons, FaceTime & technology.

I truly am blessed with some of the greatest, most intentional friends. We’ve walked through many seasons of life together. In this past year, I’ve realized how much I truly treasure community, friendships and relationships. This week I got to catch up with various friends, meet their babies, and catch up with family.

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3. Overnight Struja “Lock In” & God’s protection

This Friday night we had a junior high “lock in” at church. This youth group was just recently launched. Ema, my roommate, has done a phenomenal job of planning, preparing, and praying over this group. This week I’m thankful for her heart to take things on and always have ideas. We had great discussions, too much sugar, and the church was freezing cold. Before “going to sleep” we got news that there had been a shooting just down the street from our church. Coming from the west side of Chicago, this isn’t a huge shock for me. But shootings and violence in general is very uncommon in this part of the world. It shook us up a bit but God surely protected us.

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4. Color, Light & Frost

Over the last few months, I’ve made a habit out of taking an hour long walk right after waking up. I typically take this time to pray, process, reflect and think. Other times I’ll listen to music or a podcast. Sometimes I take the same route, other times I’ll walk randomly and see where I end up! God has met me on these walks as I’ve set aside this time to meet with Him in the mornings. Mostly all of November was dreary, dark and rainy. But the last couple of months we’ve had sunshine almost everyday. So thankful for God’s goodness to give me sunlight for morning walks.


Thanks for joining me on this first week of searching for His goodness. The week ahead is full of many things that I’m trusting God with…I’m expectant to report back a week from now. I’d love to hear your “God’s goodness sightings” too! 🙂

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