Uprooting to be Rooted


I’m not necessarily one for resolutions (let’s be honest, I never accomplish them!) but I know I can personally benefit from the newness and renewed expectation that comes with a new year. For the last few months I’ve been thinking about what I want this year to be about. One word that repeatedly came up was “rooted”. There’s a lot of things I want to see happen this year, things I want to accomplish, grow in, etc. All of it can be traced back to this very concept of being rooted. Whether my goal is to grow in my prayer life or pay better attention to my health, my hope is to be rooted, unwavering, committed.

I was sharing this “word of the year” with a dear friend and ministry partner over coffee last week and she said, “Alison, that’s kind of a paradox because everything else in your life is about to be completely uprooted!” She was right! As much as I want this year to be marked by rootedness, the paradox is that everything in my life is about to be uprooted and changed. From my community to my language, I’m about to enter into a season of uprootedness.

I’ve always loved the quote “Grow where you’re planted.” For the past several months I’ve been in the process of uprooting to replant. The concept of no longer grocery shopping at aldi but now at Lidl (Europe’s version of Aldi) and at outdoor markets is becoming familiar. The excitement (and daunting task!) of learning a new language and fumbling to communicate will become a daily occurence. There’s a lot that comes with uprooting to be rooted again.

But in the midst of it all, my confidence and hope lies in the fact that God is faithful and steadfast. This year, may our roots grow deep Christ, standing firm in our faith and trusting Him!

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