European Friends in Whole Foods


Immanuel. God with us. In every moment, in every season. This truth can be a bit of a climax that speaks into the mountain peaks of life but in the now, I’m learning it’s an everyday kind of glory. Everyday kind of glory from the bus window, the bike lane, and the checkout lane at Whole Foods.

As I walk through this “in between” kind of season, so many people have told me “write yourself notes, journal always, and remember the little things.” Remember all the little things God showed you and is showing you so you don’t forget. So you don’t forget all that He did. So you don’t forget when things get hard. So you don’t forget when you’re thinking, “Did God really say…?”

So I’ve filled pages and I’ve made lots of little notes on my phone and I’ve laughed a lot at the intimacy and closeness of Jesus. He delights in everyday miracles.

  • Seeing Croatian flags everywhere…like in the most bizarre of places. And Croatian restaurants and the list goes on and on…
  • Meeting sooo many Europeans at work. And gushing about Europe. And sharing with them why I’m moving and getting to share Jesus.
  • Meeting an elderly woman who pretty much only spoke Serbian and having my ears perk because I understood most of what she was saying. Croatian and Serbian are both Slavic languages. Aaaaaand pretty much tearing up on my lunch break because I just couldn’t believe I caught on to some Croatian words and I couldn’t believe that I met a Serbian woman on the north side of Chicago.
  • One morning I was thinking earlier in the day how I miss LIDL (basically the Aldi of Europe) and how I’ll look forward to shopping there. That very day, a woman came through my line from Bulgaria with a LIDL bag. I exclaimed, “I love LIDL! Where is that from?” She says, “Oh I’m from Bulgaria and I have no idea how I still have this bag.” Then we chatted all about Europe. Again…laughter and tears at the nearness of Jesus. Like, what woman has a LIDL bag all the way from Bulgaria in Chicago?

These are just a sliver of the things that meet me in my everyday. There has been confirmation after confirmation from the Lord. I am so. extremely. thrilled. that He is inviting me into seeing Him move in Croatia as young disciples go make disciples! I can’t believe I get to say “YES!” to this very thing that Jesus is inviting me into.

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