I hoped to blog regularly. I got into a good cycle over summer. But since leaving the Croatian seaside and the energy of teenagers, I lost it. So I haven’t been bloggin. Really, I should be working on a sermon that I’m preaching on Wednesday but I need to take a break from writing to write. Write about what I’m learning. Where I’m hurting. Where I’m healing. Where I’m hoping.

This season, I’m thankful for my church. With all the racial tension in Chicago and the brokenness nationwide, I’m thankful for a church that is literally building a culture from the ground up. If I think of all that they’ve taught me over the course of this year, I am so, so thankful. There have tears shared, hard conversations, growing moments and I get to do it all with brothers and sisters.The Lord has been so good and faithful to give me a community. It’s crazy to see all that He has done in this body in the last year.

I’m learning I need rest. I take a lot of pride in my “get it done and just do it” attitude. I may have only slept five hours in the last three days but who cares! Well, I’m only human and I need to learn to show weakness. I drink at least two cups of coffee everyday and I don’t sleep much. I’m learning what it looks like to show weakness, rest when necessary, love and care for myself so I can better love and care for others, and maybe to drink less coffee.

I’m learning to give myself grace, love myself and be patient. I’ve been spending lots of time on school work and church work and I want to spend more time making the most of this last year. It’s crazy to think that a lot of the closest people in my life…this is the last year I’ll see them. Life is a crazy, beautiful, interesting adventure.

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