He Withholds No Good Thing

Being in your early to mid-20s is an interesting thing. It’s a beautiful, uncomfortable, unsure, spontaneous, and discovery-filled season in life. But, the thing is, you can either be fully living into the beauty and discomfort of it all or be half-living, waiting for something more.

The truth is we are always waiting. We will always be waiting. But in this season, we’re waiting for graduation, for a new job, for a husband, for children, for a new house, for retirement, for grandkids…the list goes on and on. We’re in this vicious cycle of waiting and wanting and yearning. We are yearning for Him to come back. For eternity.

But…and this is big. If we know the Father’s heart and if we know God’s character, we can take courage and stay steadfast. We can know that He withholds no good thing. We can fully live! Oh, what good news! He withholds no good thing from us. So, that husband that you’re waiting for? Don’t live a half-life; live fully now because He withholds no good thing from you. That new house you really, really love? Rejoice! Because He withholds no good thing. That fear you feel when you think about what you’ll be doing a year from now? Rest and live. Because He withholds no good thing. We are fooling ourselves and running around a maze, continually hitting the dead ends if we live in this constant state of worry and frustration.

And I get it. I get the deep desires and the hurting hearts and the confusion of what are you doing God?! But, dear sister and dear brother, know that He withholds no good thing and you can trust Him. Do you know the Father’s heart? Do you know the trustworthy character of God? You can trust Him. You can serve Him fully and live with reckless abandon.

Oh Jesus, help us to trust in you. Help us to know and believe in our head and the depth of our hearts that you withhold no good thing. Help us to take you at your Word. Help us to seek your heart and thank you for all the good things you give us. Thank you for your mercy and your grace. You are so, so good to us. Help us Jesus.

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