Vinegar, Risotto & Gelato

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Tomorrow feels like it should be a Tuesday. Earlier this week, we visited a camp on an island called Privc Luka. It was a Croatian camp and we stayed there for a night. Sarah and I stayed in a tent. It was the first time in years that I had gone camping and I had forgotten how much I love camping. This camp was on an island with no cars and only a small convenience store…but of course, plenty of places to get gelato and a few restaurants. It was awesome to make connections with more Croatians. I can’t get over their hospitality. On Thursday morning we had breakfast and a woman came over and asked us if we’d like coffee…five minutes later, another woman came over. It was good coffee and I’m sure their love only made it taste better.

But, the point of this post is actually to write about today. After a bit of time in the office, Sarah and I went to the old city, just planning on getting a few things and grabbing dinner. We both have less than two weeks left so we are soaking it up! After exploring for a bit we walked by a caffe called Plac that we knew on of our students worked at. As soon as we walked by to look at the menu, she came running up and asked if we were going to eat there. It was so, so fun. She sat us down, took our order and came and sat with us as we ate dinner. I had risotto and Sarah had a salad…it was great! Ana treated us to ginger soda and an orange Croatian soda called Pipi. It was such a sweet surprise from the Lord to hang out with her, have good talks and giggle at our cultural differences. We laughed at ourselves as we asked her what the different condiments on the table were. On most tables at restaurants there is salt and pepper, a container of toothpicks and one jar of a clear looking liquid and a jar of a red liquid. Ana laughed as we asked her what each was and was stunned that we only have salt and pepper in the states. Turns out, the clear is sunflower oil and the red is red wine vinegar.

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She took photos of us in the center of Split, told us we had to take photos with the “roman soldiers”, and gave us a little history lesson on Split. Her friend from school joined us and we walked the maze through the city and got gelato at Hajduk. Ana insisted on ordering it for us so we got more because she is Croatian and we are Americans. Sarah and I both had kinder and snickers. We walked by the riva and parted ways. Sarah and I walked along the sea on our way home, ran into a blues festival and dreamed about sleeping on the beach one night before we leave.

I only have 12 days left and I can barely believe it. It will be bittersweet. I am thankful for every moment that will fill those final days.

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