What if…

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For awhile I didn’t believe in hopes and dreams. I think I believed that I couldn’t dream, but I just had to stay focused on the task at hand so I could be obedient to God’s dreams. But a couple years ago, it hit me. The more I know Jesus, the more He makes me like Him, suddenly, His dreams become my dreams. So what do heaven-minded, God-sized dreams look like?

I think God-sized dreams look like sweet rest, hunger for satisfaction, rest in Jesus’ plan, and thirst to see it all come to fruition. I delight in the work of seeing His kingdom come as I work and I’m eager to see the fruit. I’m not truly satisfied in the here and now because I know He has more. I find rest in knowing that His love and His life are the best things I can find. In the storms of life, I know there is glory on the other side, though sometimes I can’t see it through His eyes.

Today we dreamed. We thought about things we’d love to see in the next 3 years in Croatia. One-on-one discipleship, students equipped with reaching their peers, a camp site, etc. I have been living in a lot of fear and uncertainty for the last few weeks, unsure of what the next year (or really several years) hold for me. But the Lord has spoken sweet peace, freedom and hope over me. Am I scared about not knowing what I’ll be doing a year from today? Sure, just a bit. But, the Lord has freed me from the crippling fear that was taking over with roots so deep around my heart. He’s said, “Dream a little. Seek the Kingdom of heaven and see what dreams can unfold.” I’m thanking Jesus for this sweet place He has brought me to, dreaming of the possibilities and potentials. There’s no one else I want to dream with.

written July 8

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