Jesus come

Black Lives Matter Black Friday

After the murder of two black men, deadly protests, bombings in Baghdad, [what seems like] constant and normal terror attacks in the Middle East, shootings, it seems that the evil in the world is overcoming the good. The pain is greater than the joy. The terror is constant and it seems as if everyday is some sort of nightmare.

Over the last month, I’ve been brought to physical sickness and stomach aches at the news. It’s too much. How can people be so evil? How can such things that only seem like nightmares in our minds actually become reality? How can I be watching another video on Facebook of a black man swimming in his own blood? How can I be seeing more photos of frazzled and terrified humans at the actions of another human? I don’t understand and I don’t think I ever could understand.

Screenshot 2016-07-08 12.37.51

As a privileged white young woman (I don’t say privileged to sound prideful but to be honest with my racial makeup and what I’ve come aware of), I stand to say black lives matter. I used to be confused and almost offended at the saying, the hashtag, the anthem. “Yeah, but don’t all lives matter? My life matters.” Yes, while that is true, all human beings matter, we must stand to say black lives matter because they haven’t for far too long. Now is not the time to say, “Yeah but what about me.” It’s been about you and me for far too long.

I am so thankful for my black friends who have made my life all the more richer. I’ve been humbled and heartbroken at the things that they tell me they’ve endured that I’ve never understood. I’ve never walked in their shoes. Although I know I can never fully understand, I think we all owe it to them to listen. Listen to the pain. Listen to the tears dripping. Listen to the deep and legitimate fear. Listen to the mothers with their 5-year-old children that fear of the day they learn to drive and the chance of them getting pulled over. Listen to the women who think of the men in their life.

In the midst of much pain and anger, people can be brought to crazy circumstances. Just as murder and violence is not to be dismissed, neither should this. I don’t think many of us are surprised by another deadly protest but regardless, we are broken and saddened. God forbid we be brought to a place of numbness and indifference at the news of another dead black man or police officer. I don’t know what to say. These things are rooted deep, to Eden.

Not much has changed. The evil is just the same as it always has been but it’s just manifesting itself in different ways. Now, this absolutely does not dismiss us from weeping with those who weep, mourning or longing for the return of Christ. It stirs us up and causes our souls to long evermore. Empty yourself to all the world and find everything in Him.

Day after day, I think, “It can’t get much worse than this…Jesus come soon!” May that be the cry of our hearts and our deep longings in the midst of these times. May we long for His return. We can pray for justice. We can pray for peace. We can pray for healing. But all of those things, all that we need, all of the pain being healed, comes at the sight of His glorious return.

Jesus come. 

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