Wherever you go, He is there

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“So do you miss home yet?”

I’ve been gone from “home” for over a month now. Over the last two years, I’ve learned a little bit about home. I grew up in the same house in the suburbs for the first 20 years of my life. The streets where sirens scream in Chicago quickly began a new place of refuge. Occasional trips back “home” dwindled as Israel became home for a short time like I’d never known. Returning to the states I found myself searching for an apartment as my parents sold the house in the suburbs and moved to “the middle of nowhere” Wisconsin.

I know being in my twenties, it’s all about the beauty of transition and change. Nothing seems to stay the same for long. A lack of “home” or place is expected. But, even still, I think God uses this to shake us up a little bit. To make us think. Where is home? Who is home? Why are we looking for home?

You see, in the beginning, we were at home. We were with Him, in perfect union. We were not lacking, we were not wanting. He was with us and all was right and pure and beautiful. We were home in Eden. But since we believed that the enemy spoke a better word and gave in, we have been trying to get back to Eden. We have been longing for home. But the beautiful disaster of it all is that home will not be found here. My citizenship is in heaven.

So as I frantically wonder where home will be after the next year, I remember I am not home here. I will never be home until I am with Him in perfect unity. As I lose sleep at night wondering if I will be in Israel or if God has a place for me on this team in Croatia or if it’s something else, I remember that He is my home. He is my hiding place. He is my safe refuge.

I am not home here. I am a sojourner, wandering the earth. His love and His peace are my home. His presence are my walls, His love, the roof over my resting place.

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