Time Zones and Bauhaus

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It’s 10:09AM on Thursday, June 16. Time zones are a funny thing. Yesterday I had the chance to FaceTime Lavinia for the first time since being in Croatia. We chatted about dresses and wedding planning and a beautiful day we await in September. It’s crazy to think that Lavi, Dre and I are in such different locations. I am seven hours ahead of Chicago and Dre is four and a half hours ahead of me. Sometimes timezones are a pain. This morning I’m grateful for sisters and for FaceTime and for partnering with God’s great plan.

So far, this week has been a bit crazy. On Monday our office and project hours seemed to fly on by and it was time for Tuesday before we knew it. I went for a quick run down to the far beach on Monday and was in awe at God’s plan. I am so humbled to be able to join in with the work that He is doing. He invites us in to partner with Him in Kingdom work!

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I am in charge of an experiential worship element for our camp called the Labyrinth. We are revamping a lot of it and it’s been so fun and such a blessing to work on this creative project through painting, brainstorming and thinking of how to express the gospel through multiple elements. The Labyrinth is a six station process that brings the students through creation, sin and the choice to accept the gospel. We have been praying through this and preparing for it logistically and spiritually.


We went to Bauhaus (kinda like european home depot) on Tuesday and got lumber for building a cross, frames for our gallery station, and loads of other things. We also stopped at two of Split’s malls for other various camp materials. Who knew you needed so much for camp! I hope to write a blog post before we leave for camp to explain a bit more about camp and all of our objectives.


Yesterday we got our desks that we’ve been waiting for! In Croatia, you can’t just order something or pick up a desk from the store. So, John had a desk custom ordered several weeks ago. After having the “oak painted with oak”, they arrived yesterday and it’s been great!

Yesterday was Eli’s 12th birthday so we got to enjoy one of Amber’s famous cakes. After, we had about 15 students over for a movie night and we spent about 30 minutes watching trailers before deciding on a movie. We are beginning to have students over every Wednesday night. It’s great just having students in our place and building relationships with them. A lot of them will be coming to camp so we’re excited to continue to build those relationships.


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