Avocados and the Euro Cup


I’ve been sorta horrible at posting blogs thus far…sorry! However, you can follow along on insta or subscribe to my prayer team (I post photos a lot & send out emails every week). But, let’s get into this post and an explanation of such a funky title 😉

Friday came and we found ourselves putting on hawaiian tshirts and bandanas as they littered our floor in our apartment. This week Sarah and I went through camp material storage and washed all the linens and clothing. While working on the camp schedule, Mladen got a phone call from another church in the baptist union (our church is a part of the baptist union and from what I understand, there are about 3 or so churches spread around that join together every once in awhile) and we were invited to a youth BBQ on Saturday. After a fajita Friday turned breakfast burrito & french toast bake night, with family star wars movie night, we were glad the weekend was here.


I tend to go to sleep around 10PM and wake up around 5:30 or 6…not that I necessarily want to but the sun always shine through my window and wakes me. Saturday morning came and Sarah and I ventured into town to the market. I’ve been twice now and each time I fall more in love. Markets truly do give my heart a little joy. There’s something about the people that sell their goods, clearly tired and hard-working with dirt under their fingernails and sweat on their brow, they offer us their ripest and richest produce. After a few laps around and a smile wiped across my face, I ended up with 1 kilo of cherries, 1/2 kilo of strawberries (they are so sweet they taste like the kind you would eat on pancakes, except they’re not drowning in sugar), a tomato, and a few herb plants for Sarah and I to plant. We are growing lettuce, rosemary, mint, and basil.





By 4:30PM, John, Eden, Sarah and I packed in the car to head to a youth BBQ. Many of the students who were at our first youth group event a week ago were there. So there were many familiar faces. A goat spindled and turned around over a fire and we all chatted. A young girl, probably 13 or so, talked with Sarah and I for quite awhile. She was born in Germany, lived in Bosnia for a bit and now lives in Croatia. It was refreshing to talk with her, laugh and battle over the language barrier. Language barriers make you become a lover of small talk. When I asked her, “What’s your favorite food?” She tried to translate, “Avocado” but we quickly realized that it was the same in both Croatian and English. As we snacked on some goat (super good!) and sipped cocacola, we played some games. We all sat in a large circle and a lesson was given on Joshua and the Israelites. Though I couldn’t understand anything in Croatian, I picked out “Jordan” and “Dead Sea.” Sarah and I walked with Ella, Hanna, and Sara to the our apartment/the Hinger homestead for a movie night. We anticipated Mladen bringing two other students but 15 minutes later he filed in with about 13 students. It was such a delight to have so many students in our apartment. Sarah and I popped all of our popcorn, put out all of our cookies and pretzels and used all the cups in our cabinets.


After a week of having empty nights because of lack of relationships thus far and students still being in school, it’s exciting that they are on summer break and we’re getting to build relationships with them. We’re looking forward to many more nights of having students over to our place.


Earlier this week, we learned it was youth day today in church. This meant that the youth were responsible for the entire service. Judita arranged several songs for the girls to sing in worship and John was asked to preach. I was also privileged to sing at the end of the service.”How Deep the Father’s Love For Us” has been playing over and over for me the last few months and I was glad to sing it in church this morning. In the midst of such a season, it was important for me to be reminded of those truths over and over again. God has been working in my heart and challenging me and all around me there is so much tragedy and terror. A close, long-time friend suddenly dying a couple weeks ago, two deaths to domestic violence, a mass shooting in Florida, another shooting in Tel Aviv. It’s hard to understand and it’s scary living in such a time as this. But there is no greater comfort than knowing that He is the same, yesterday, today and forever and He is on the throne.


A couple days ago the Euro Cup began. Sunday’s are our rest day so we are cheering for Croatia right now. It’s been a rainy, cool day which is very welcome after a hot church service.

Thank you x58320598230 for your words of encouragement, prayers, and love. They are so needed and appreciated. I miss my friends and family dearly but am so humbled and grateful to be here to serve the Lord Jesus. He is so worthy.

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