We have made it!

It’s crazy to think that within the last seven days we have been in seven countries. I haven’t written a blog post since arriving and man, a lot has happened. If you’d like to read the nittygritty details, I did send out a letter to my prayer team. From racing around Hungary and Slovakia to training in Czech, we have experienced a lot in the last few days. The Amazing Race truly was amazing. Training was so well-done and equipped us so well. We learned about culture, team dynamics, JVs mission and vision, how the Lord is working in central and eastern Europe and so much more.

So many things struck me about JV. First, there were SO many interns that were from Europe who were first-generational Christians. Also, most of those interns had come to Christ through a JV English camp. It is so amazing to see how God is using JV in Europe and how it is all about Jesus. I am truly humbled to be a part of such a movement of God.

This is Croatia’s first summer with interns and first summer with camp. It has hit me how much of a privilege it is to be a part of this team at this time. It is no accident or coincidence but God has appointed each of us. It is a great honor to be a part of pioneering this ministry. We are praying that we would rely on God’s leading and would do only what He wants us to do. Would you join me in praying for such a foundational time in our ministry?

All in all, this is what we want to be about. People who don’t know Jesus, coming to know Him. People who are unsure about Jesus, falling in love with Him. People that are following Jesus, to cause others to follow Jesus.

Today we got to Split around 9AM. We have rested today and gotten settled. It’s nice to not be living out of a suitcase and get to do some laundry. This afternoon Sarah and I went and got some traditional, fast street food with John. He had to run some errands so we walked home which didn’t take us very long at all. A storm rolled in this afternoon and it seems the rain follows us everywhere. Once all the kids got home from school, we all had pizza together and finished the night off with a game of sorry with the kiddos.

Tomorrow we begin to work on details for camp and for the summer. I’m excited and ready to start planning and see what God has for us.

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