Away I go

I lean not on my own understanding
My life is in the hands of the maker of heaven

I give it all to you God
Trusting that you’ll make something beautiful out of me

I will climb this mountain
with my hands wide open

There’s nothing I hold onto

In less than 24 hours, I will be at O’hare airport getting ready to get on a plane to Frankfurt and then Budapest. From there, all JV interns will begin the Amazing Race to get to our countries of service. I have really no idea what to expect for this first part other than it will be crazy, awesome, and a race. This past week I’ve been able to take a time off to rest, reflect and prepare for the next couple months; seeing God’s faithfulness in leading me to apply to serve in Croatia, Him supplying financial needs, preparing me in many ways.

As I prepare to go, I have all my things packed in a 78L backpack (pretty excited to not have much for the next couple months) and I daydream about how these next months will impact my life. Comparatively, the first time I went to Israel in 2015, I was there for just about 10 weeks. That time truly changed my life and me as a person. Croatia, I will be there 11 weeks. I had more of an idea what to expect with Israel; the climate, history, what I’d be doing while studying. Croatia I know what I will be doing but I don’t have much of a understanding of the history or the climate.

I’ve read wikipedia pages and various articles, trying to get a better understanding of where I’m going. But for the most part, Croatia is a bit of a mystery. Before the Hingers went to serve over there, I had never heard of the country. So, this place that I have little knowledge about, I know has the potential to shape and challenge me more than I can imagine. I’ve prayed for the individuals that will deepen their relationship with the Lord, for those that will return to Christ, for those that will come to know Him for the first time. For young women that need community, for young men that don’t know Jesus, for those who just want to learn English.

As I leave tomorrow I would ask you to pray for these things:

  1. Safe journey. I will be driving with my parents from WI to Chicago in the morning to catch my flight; pray for a safe journey. Pray that my flights would go smoothly and I would get rest. Pray for my connecting flight as we only have an hour in between…pray for no delays!
  2. Anxiety. Naturally, going into something like this, I have a bit of anxiety. Pray that I would give all my cares to the Lord and trust in Him.
  3. Intimacy with Christ. Pray that the Lord would keep me close to Him especially in these coming days but throughout the summer.
  4. Students and ministry. Pray for the students and individuals I will be building relationships with. Pray for the people of Croatia. Pray for our English camps.

If you haven’t already, please join my prayer team to receive regular updates on how my ministry is going and prayer requests.

I also just wanted to thank you. Thank you for walking this journey with me, praying, giving, loving, encouraging, mobilizing, challenging and sending. Without you, I truly would not be able to go to Croatia and serve the Lord there. God has done immeasurably more. To Him be the glory.

Next time you hear from me, I won’t be stateside anymore…woah.


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