On Thursday morning, I got an update on my account. I had $686 to get to $5,100. I was truly not concerned or worried that God would supply that by Sunday. I was thinking about 6 people that I thought the Lord may have give around $100 each…praying for each of them. Praying that the Lord would work in multiple peoples’ hearts to catch this vision. Deep down, though, I really wanted God to do something that would just blow my mind. I’ve always heard of missionaries getting just the right amount in the knick of time in crazy ways. Though I knew God would supply it somehow, deep down I was hoping He’s do something crazy đŸ˜‰

Well, God is in the business of mind-blowing. Completely breaking down our expectations. Late Thursday evening, I had a 45-minute phone call with someone who had known me when I was just getting to know Jesus. She walked with me and I have always looked up to her. When I met her, I could see how deep her love for Jesus was. Even still, she has always challenged me to fall in love with Jesus Christ. She called me to tell me that she wanted to give me $500. I was speechless and immediately started crying. “What…are you serious? I don’t even know what to say.” I got off the phone completely shocked, amazed, in awe, ecstatic, thanking God. With that I knew I would be fully funded as I had other donations coming in that had not been processed yet.

But, throughout this process I’ve put in around $400 for various things such as international insurance coverage and support raising materials. With this, in total I had about $860 to get to $5,100. 12 hours after getting off the phone with the previous donor, I was handed a check by someone else for $360. Completely unexpected. Completely shocked. The Lord had just given me EXACTLY what I needed.

Wow, it’s all about Him. It’s all for His glory. It’s all His. He did it. Thank you Jesus!

Support raising is just a fraction of the process of missions and the Lord has already done immeasurably more in this facet. How much more will He do? Praise God for His provision, perfect timing, for what He has already done and what He has yet to do.

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