So how is support raising going?


[I leave for Croatia SEVEN WEEKS from today! What…craziness!!]

On an average day I’m asked this question multiple times and I’m so grateful. The support I’ve received relationally, financially, prayerfully all in love has been so, so encouraging, humbling, faithful, kind. I am undone at the kindness of my Savior and the people He has brought into my life. The Lord has provided in ways I didn’t foresee. He has done immeasurably more and I know He will continue to do so!

So, to answer this question:

Support raising has been the most humbling and faith-filled journey I’ve ventured on. The Lord has grown me to rely on Him for my daily bread.

With just under four weeks to go, I have $2,730 left to be fully funded. My goal is to be at a total of $5,100 by May 1. Support raising has been a persistent, challenging, faith building task and I know it will only continue to be that and more.

The Lord is continuing to grow my excitement, passion and eagerness to get to Croatia to share the gospel of Christ with many. It has been encouraging to hear of missionaries that have gone on journeys before me, seen their support come in in unexpected ways, how many people they shared the gospel with, how many accepted Christ. Wow…the Lord is going to do amazing things this summer and I believe He has the power to transform and change Croatia to be a nation hungry for His kingdom to come!

If you’d like to support me financially, go HERE.

If you’d like to support me through prayer, go HERE.

The peace of Christ be with you,


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