The world doesn’t stop spinning

In a matter of two weeks I’ve heard of a young boy who was hospitalized for pneumonia, fighting for his life (praise the Lord, he is recovering now), a young mother lost her baby as she was born 1.5 months early and her lungs stopped working, my great aunt passed from a brain tumor, etc. There have been countless attacks throughout the world by ISIS and other terrorist groups, our minds are filled with anxiety as we fear the presidential election, and we weep at the news of an attack in Brussels.

The world doesn’t stop spinning.


There’s times in life when it seems as if the weight of sin is crashing down on us and we are nearly making it out alive. Whether we are going through losing a loved one that is holding on for their last breath, or we are wondering when God will bring our life partner, or we are waiting on the Lord to provide financially, or we are waiting on God for the next snapshot in the big picture, these things come to mind:

I am dependent on God. (Psalm 91:2) I’ve noticed that when I’m going through a hard season, I naturally try to depend on myself for strength. When I’m taking 20 credits of classes and I’m serving in my church and I’m trying to maintain and pour into my relationship and I’m trying to take care of my body, I start to rely on myself for strength. And this never goes well. But when I realize that I am a sinner, in need of grace and mercy from my perfect and just Savior, I see that I can only depend on Him. All strength in me is His. My plan is only based on the snapshot I see; so I must rely on Him who sees the whole picture. He must be my strength.

The Word of the Lord must go forth despite trial and tribulation. (2 Corinthians 12:9) I can think of so many instances in Scripture where the Word of the Lord continued to go forth and God continued to move in spite of our sinfulness and the brokenness within. I think of God’s faithfulness to the Israelite’s, the Lord’s work in Job’s life, how God used and changed Saul into Paul, just to name a few. God’s faithfulness does not change based on circumstances. Just because we are an unfaithful, ever-changing people, does not mean our Lord is. He is weak when we our strong.

God does not change. (2 Timothy 2:13) When we are faithless, He remains faithful. Though we are tossed and sinking deep, He is not changed by the wind and the waves. He remains constant. We must remember that the Lord does not change even in the midst of our circumstances that are ever changing. When everything is crumbling in our lives or when we experience victory, the Lord is always faithful and always working.

God does not sleep or slumber while we anguish in our pain. (2 Timothy 4:17; Psalm 121:4) It’s easy for us to think that God is absent when we experience struggle. On the contrary, I remember a particular season in my life where I was really struggling. The enemy was at me on my every move  but in the midst of it all, Christ was with me. I had a great peace within me, although everything around me told me otherwise. When we go through seasons like this it brings us to a greater awareness and sweetness in our relationship with Christ. He has proved Himself to be faithful in the past because of who He said He was and He continues to show us that what He said was true. I encourage you to reflect on times that the Lord has stood with you in times of struggle. He is faithful!

Oh, how much do we have to praise the Lord for, how rich are His mercies and His graciousness to us is neverending. Though we are pressed on every side and perplexed at the circumstance in our lives, He is the faithful One and greatly to be praised.

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