Israel 2016 Day Three

Posting this one a day late because the last place we stayed at in Galilee didn’t have wifi. Catch up time!

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 5, we went to:

  • Magdala/Megiddo (synagogue discovered six years ago, nested in mary Magdalene’s home town)
  • Visit the brand new church built on the property with amazing mosaics
  • Go down to the sea of Galilee, walk the Jesus Trail along the sea
  • Arrive at Capernaum (Jesus’ home during central Galilean ministry; also Peter’s home and synagogue where Jesus preached)
  • Mt. of Beatitudes, where the Sermon on the Mount was preached by Jesus
  • Tabgha (John 21),calling of disciples and multiplication of loaves and fish. Also this church was burned a year ago but is being restored.
  • Visit a modern oil press
  • Boat tour around Galilee, stargazing and chatting
  • Dinner at St. Peters with a whole fish!
  • Talk with Colonel Kobi Marom on Hezbollah, Lebanon and the Iranian connection

Everyday is SO filled! So it’s just easy for me to bullet point it 😉 At the end of the day, I can hardly remember all that we’ve done. God has been so faithful and I still can hardly believe that I am back here. I am gaining more perspective, learning much and thankful for it all. As each day passes, I am more and more confident that God has Israel in my future. I truly feel at home here.

Tonight we stayed at a kibbutz in Galilee right along the shoreline. You can never go wrong with a kibbutz. The balcony looked right out to the water. I would have slept outside in my eno but it was freezing. Dre and I took a stroll out to the water before we slept and we gasped at the twinkly lights. We are both breathless over being here. I am so thankful.

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