Israel 2016 Day Four

I still truly cannot believe I am here but today I think it really sunk in. Today God really comforted me in knowing that He is leading and guiding me. He is giving me more and more clarity, direction and peace about my future in Israel or with Israel. It is a crazy thought but I know I can trust in His perfect plan.

Today we did a lot!:

  • Morning at Galilee at kibbutz, reflection by the water
  • Drive up to Golan Heights, landing at Mt. Bengal, an active Israel outpost, overlooking into the borders of Lebanon and Syria
  • Drive along the Syrian border, seeing old and abandoned Syrian army outposts
  • See Nimrod’s fortress and IDF outposts on the way to Cesarea Philippi
  • Stop in a Druze village for falafel
  • Cesarea Philippi (Matthew 16), where Jesus asked “Who do people say the son of man is?”; the Temple of Pan is also here
  • Tour of Jish with Shadi Khallouf, Chairman of the Aramaic Center, we learned how to say the Lord’s prayer in Aramaic
  • Lunch in a home; this was such an amazing and interesting experience. A family invited all 40+ of us into their home and fed us a delicious meal. January 6 is Christmas for these people so it was fascinating that they wanted to serve us on this day
  • Visit Tel Shimron with an archaeologist. This is an archaeological dig that has not yet been excavated, however this was where Zebulun was. This Tel is massive. It was so incredible to stand here and know so much history is yet to be discovered.
  • Drive 2.5 hours to Jerusalem
  • Talk with IDF soldiers
  • Explore Old City
  • AROMA!!!

Today was definitely my favorite day because we ended up in Jerusalem!! I am SO excited to be back here. It felt like coming home. Although I know I only lived here for three months and it may sound dramatic to say this, I truly feel such a strong connection to this place and it really does feel like home. Today was so fascinating. Learning more about Syria and seeing it, visiting Cesarea Philippi and thinking of all the history there.

The tour of Jish was amazing. It was interesting to learn about this man and what is going on in the world. He shared with us how many Christians are being persecuted. There used to be 30% Christians in the Middle East…now there is 5%. That sort of sealed the deal for me in doing ministry to the Middle East. We learned to say the Lord’s prayer in Aramaic which was a very cool experience. Having food in a home and getting more culture on this tour was so wonderful. Tel Shimron was amaaaaaazing.

I was truly so excited to arrive in Jerusalem.  And we are SO close to the Old City. We are staying at Prima Kings which is about a 5 minute walk away from the Old City…we used to walk by this hotel all the time. After dinner, two IDF reserve soldiers talked to us. Wow, I have so much respect for them. The IDF is amazing. They are so committed. So much to learn. More to write about later…

After this, about 10 of us went to the Old City!!! Of course, everything was closed and no one was there but it was so good. Dre and I were beaming. Memory lane. After a bit of exploring, seeing the light rail and walking through Mamilla mall, we walked to an Aroma a bit outside the city. Yessss. So good. What we’ve been waiting for. I bought a bag of coffee beans…expensive but so worth it.

Dre and I had a great talk when coming back. I’m really excited about what God is doing in both of our lives. Kayla, my roommate, and I also had a great talk about missions, passions and the Jewish people.

I am SO overjoyed, elated, thankful and blessed to be here!

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for continued spiritual growth and enrichment.
  • Pray for health and energy. There are several on our trip that are not feeling well. They are Cade, Jess and Peter.
  • Pray for continued confidence and direction in next steps to take in ministering to Israelis.

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