Jesus Wept

Weep with those who weep. Bear each other’s burdens.

Over the last [almost ] 24 hours, my mind has not stopped racing. My heart has not stopped breaking. When I first heard of what was happening in Paris late afternoon on Friday, I was saddened as it is a place I visited and love very dearly. As things escalated, I wept. I wept at the disgusting evil. I was enraged. As I sat in the silent library to write my 10 page research paper, my mind raced and the tears fell. It hurts so bad. The evil. It’s too much. How are we to weep with those who weep? How are we to go on with our lives? It feels as if the world should just stop. The world should stop. We should stop writing our 10 page papers, stop worrying about our relationships and weep. But it doesn’t. Why is that? I sat in the library yesterday trying to write my paper for three hours before giving up. I toggled between online sources and BBC news as the death toll escalated. I watched videos for my paper and videos of the suicide bombers. I just couldn’t do it. I found myself in the prayer chapel for two hours, crippled, numbed, paralyzed. I struggled to understand how people can be celebrating, watching a movie or just dancing a few rooms over as a few of us wept in silence. How can I wrap my head around all of this? How should the church respond? Should we sing “clap your hands” songs tomorrow as we gather?

Do I pray for ISIS? Do I pray for the deliverance of those that carry out evil? Do I mourn over the present darkness? Do I believe that Jesus holds the victory? Does my heart yearn for the return of Christ? Am I heaven minded? Does this life make me long ever more for Christ and His Kingdom to come? I believe that there is power of the name of Jesus. We MUST pray for ISIS. We must prayer for them to know the Lord, Jesus Christ. We must pray for them to bend their knee and be stricken with the fear of Almighty God.

As evil strikes our world again and again, we should not be surprised. We should not be shocked. There is a war.

Let heaven come.

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