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Sea of Galilee
Sea of Galilee

On March 15 a little bit after 5AM, I will be taking a plane to Denmark and leaving Israel. It’s been a dream of mine for many years to travel all around Europe and that’s coming true! I am heartbroken about leaving Israel…I become easily attached to places but this place and these people have gripped me in a way I can’t explain. My understanding of God and His people has deepened and my love for adventure has grown. God has done so, so much in my heart in the last two and a half months and I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain it all once I get home. However, for the time being I just wanted to post a super quick (and almost pictureless) blog post before I leave Israel and begin traveling in Europe.

We have been on tour all around Israel for the last ten days. It’s been challenging, amazing, joyful, dreamful and education-packed. Our tour guide and driver are amazing and so, so educated in all-things-Israel. We have slept in a kebbutz 100 feet away from the Mediterranean, watching the sun go down and come up over the Sea of Galilee, read the Sermon on the Mount on the mount where it happened, seen the Syrian and Lebanese borders, slept in a Bedouin tent and done SO SO much more. It’s been completely jam packed and I am so grateful for this experience. I can’t believe we leave Israel in about 26 hours. After living here for almost three hearts, it’s a little heartbreaking.

So in a little over 24 hours we leave the Holy Land and begin our backpacking adventure in Europe. We will be traveling to Denmark, Sweden, London, Scotland, Ireland, and Paris for six weeks…all in a carryon! I packed my backpack today and got super excited to live even more minimally for these next few weeks. It’ll be an exciting journey. I will be traveling with two girls from our trip, Lavinia and Andreea who are two dear friends of mine. So excited for all that we will see and do. And SUPER grateful for all the amazing host families that we get to stay with along the way. Such an incredible blessing.

With all this craziness, I wanted to post and ask for prayer…so here it goes!

  • Pray for Tal and Aron…our tour guide and bus driver. Tal knows SO much about Jesus and the Bible but is not a believer in Jesus Christ, the Messiah. We are not positive about Aron but still pray for opportunity to talk to them more. I’ve had some good conversations with both about Jesus.
  • Pray for health! Lavi and I are both feeling a little sick today…probably from being so worn out. So please pray we are not sick while we are traveling/that we don’t get sick!
  • Pray for our travel to the airport. Us three girls have to go early by ourselves and have to get through customs and all that fun stuff. SO pray that it all goes smoothly and we catch our flight and arrive safely 🙂
  • Pray for all of our baggage to be fine and underweight! After living somewhere for almost three months it’s easy to accumulate a few things. I’m pretty set on packing but my backpack is a little over dimension wise and would hate to have to pay any fees.
  • Pray for all the rest of our travel. Pray that we would be able to be a blessing to our host families during our time. It is a huge blessing that we get to stay with family friends and Moody families over the next six weeks. They are so hospitable!
  • Pray for safety. It’s a bit intimidating for three young girls to travel alone and catch six flights in six weeks. So pray that we are safe and that we catch our flights and all that fun stuff.

There’s so so much more I’d love to share and a lot more photos I’d love to share as well but time just doesn’t slow down 😉 I’m hoping to edit and post photos from Israel during my backpacking trip. Thank you all SO much for your prayers, love, support, reading this, caring, etc. Love you all!

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