Biblical Zoo



Trying to catch up on updating and remembering all the things we’ve done in the last two and a half weeks. The Smith’s first day here they took us to the biblical zoo which is a quick walk away from Hotel Yehudah. It was a perfectly beautiful day. The Smith’s are such a wonderful couple and amazing professors. They cared about us so much and weren’t just our professors but truly wanted to know us as students. Mrs. Smith is so kind, loving and wise. Mr. Smith did magic tricks every morning and reminded me so much of my Uncle John…they are twins! Things with the Smith’s were a lot more laid back than with our previous professors. We didn’t start class until 9AM. But before class at 9AM Mr. Smith did a magic trick and we had a little devotion. I took a class on Genesis during these two weeks and learned so much. It was practically a Bible study spent solely on reading through Genesis and digging into the text. I picked up on things I hadn’t before and rekindled a deep interest for the Old Testament.


The first thing we did with the Smith’s was going to the biblical zoo. They encouraged us to talk to people that we wouldn’t normally talk to. Throughout our two weeks with the Smith’s our group bonded so much more. At the zoo we saw red pandas, kangaroos, beautiful birds and other creatures. We saw some adorable Jewish students, most of whom were big fans of the camera.


After a nice morning there, we all went back and spent the day working on our final catechism for Systematic Theology.




I am so extremely behind on the updates and blog posts on all that we’ve done but will post as much as I can! I am doing really well and love it here SO much. If I could, I would definitely stay here longer. God is teaching me so much about the biblical theology of Jerusalem and His plan for the Jewish people. Over these next two weeks, I am taking a class called the Biblical Theology of Jerusalem. We’ve only had two classes but I am already astounded at the subject. Tomorrow, we are going to Eilat where we will be staying in a hostel for a few days. It will be so nice to have time off and see another part of Israel.

More updates coming soon! 🙂

Prayer Requests

  • Health. Pray for the students and professors as we all have been passing around a cold. Please also pray for rest as we are busy. Sometimes we don’t know when we’ll be able to sleep next!
  • Continued wisdom and learning. Pray that God would continue to lead us in what we are all taking in.
  • Peace of Jerusalem. I have learned so so much about this. Not only is this for political peace like most of us may things. But when you read Psalm 122, Romans 9-11, and Zechariah 14 we can see that the the temple must be rebuilt in order for Christ to return. The Jewish people are prepared to rebuild the temple however they have not owned the Temple Mount for almost 2,000 years. They lost it in 70 AD. Since then, it has been in the power of the Muslims and that is where the Dome of the Rock is.

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